Current activities

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Helen Yeats, Deden Girmansyah, Marlina Ardiyani and Mark Hughes. Joint LIPI-RBGE East Kalimantan Expedition 2016

• We have a 5 year research agreement with the Indonesian Institute of Sciences, the Research Center for Biology, the Indonesian Ministry of Forestry and the Center for Plant Conservation-Bogor Botanic Gardens.

• We are partners in a 2-year RISTEK approved project: Discovering biodiversity and promoting conservation of the Indonesian Flora: Towards Flora Malesiana accounts for Begoniaceae, Gesneriaceae, Sapotaceae and Zingiberaceae. This includes an ambitious field programme, with expeditions to Sumatra, Sulwasi and Kalimantan.

• Collaborating with scientists in Kebun Raya Bogor (Bogor Botanic Garden) to build a conservation collection of Sapotaceae using the new network of regional botanic gardens in Indonesia.

• Working with the newly established Indonesian Plant List Authority to deliver IUCN conservation assessments for species of the Indonesian Flora.

• Our Species Discovery Programme is describing Begonia, Gesneriaceae, Sapotaceae and Zingiberaceae new to science, in collaboration with our Indonesian counterparts.

• Developing best practice for the collection and cultivation of plants from the rainforests of Indonesia with Indonesian horticulturalists.

• Updating and translating into Indonesian our publication the Manual of the Larger and More Important non Dipterocarp Trees of Central Kalimantan (Argent et al 1997).