Julianus Kinho

Environment and Forestry, Research and Development Institute of Manado, North Sulawesi, Indonesia

I do research on plants diversity, genetic diversity, biodiversity and cultivation of Diospyros (Ebenacae) in Wallacea, particularly in North Sulawesi, Gorontalo and North Mollucas. Several new record of Diospyros were recorded to North Sulawesi by our study. Phylogeny and genetic diversity of D. rumphii was covered by our research. I have 13 living collection of Diospyros at EFRIM Arboretum from Northern Sulawesi and North Moluccas. I have established living collection of Diospyros for ex situ conservation in Batuangus Research Station (Bitung, North Sulawesi) and Megawati Botanical Garden in Southeast Minahasa.

Julianus Kinho

I did fieldwork in Teluk Cenderawasih National Park in 2003 exploring palms in Yoopmios Island. I conducted 13 expedition in Aketajawe Lolobata National Park in North Moluccas, Tangkoko Nature Reserve, Gunung Ambang Nature Reserve, Talise island and Bogani Nani Wartabone National Park since 2008 to 2012. The fieldwork has focused on members of Diospyros (Ebenaceae) and understory herbaceous plants covering botany, ecology, conservation and ethnobotany.

I also have experience in disseminating scientific results to the scientific community and general public (papers, books and exhibition).